Friday, July 1, 2011

The cause of my addiction: Butter London Fash Pack – Swatch & Review (NOTD)

Here is my single lonely Butter London nail polish!

As the title suggests… it was the nail polish that started my addiction!! How did it happen?

I grocery shopping & it was attached to one of the magazines, (I already had the mag but bought another copy to give a copy to my mum & kept the nail polish on the new mag! :D)

So... prior to this, my mother had given me 2 nail polishes - A clear Rimmel one (which I have finished! So no longer in my collection!) and a Cutex frosty nail polish (I love!! I have used sooo much of it! So afraid to use it all up but will cuz it's perfect for Summer & Spring pedis!!!!)

So I started with 2 nail polishes.... (I had more but purged ages ago & they were cheap brands!)

&& then... BA DA BAM!!!!

This came along!

2 coats:

&&&& I began to purchase more nps.... -_-

- This may be a dupe for Chanel's Particulere (is that how you spell it....?)
- Nice fall shade... but it's a bit meh for me now... maybe just my mood lol - I will give it another chance later.. I have been into bright colors these days!

What's your nail polish story?

Lara xo

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